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Odin's Ravens

Odin's Ravens

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Original design printed on high quality Felt Watercolor paper.
There is an option for regular 8x11, or 8x11 with matting making it 9x12. Each print is finished with a personalized wax sealed stamp, color may vary.


The All-Father, The Raven Lord, Glory Bearer.
He is the god of war, the spirit of wisdom and death. He is the lord of ecstasy and shamanism.

Freya was a teacher for Odin, teaching him of the runes, which were lost in the Vanir. Determined to comprehend and master them, Odin pierced himself and then hung for nine entire days and nights in a shamanic ritual, where he died a shamanic death in order to be reborn as the rune-master. This is why the Tarot card of “the hanged man”, is a depiction of Odin.

Odin refuses to be constrained or restricted, and he bestows wealth and success.

He also had two ravens, Hugin and Munin, which I have included in this print also.

Odin, I made this print originally for my husband James, and now I’m sharing it with anyone and everyone!

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