Tattooing Policies and Procedures

How do I book with you? The way my process currently works is that every couple of months I release pre-drawn designs. People will claim the design by purchasing it on here, and that purchase acts as the deposit for the design. I only tattoo these one time, they are not flash designs that are tattooed multiple times.

At this time I am also accepting custom requests. Go here for that:

Tell me about the designs? As mentioned above, I only tattoo these designs one time. Whoever purchases the design first, is the one who gets it! I will contact you once the design is purchased, and we can find a time to do the tattoo! I spend a lot of hours designing these, and they are typically a reflection of my favorite subject matters/elements to tattoo.

What is your pricing like? As of now, I am $200/hour, with a $200/ 2 hour minimum. I don’t really offer micro or small tattoos at this time, I prefer to do larger-scale work. Your deposit will also come off the price of your tattoo, at the final appointment (if applicable).

When is your appointment time? I am a bit unconventional with my appointment time as a tattoo artist. Currently I only offer appointments at 10AM, each appointment is never more than 5 hours unless previously discussed. I do work weekends to accommodate 9-5 workers!

What forms of payment do you take? Cash is required at appointment day, Venmo or stripe is how I typically take deposits (stripe is only used when you purchase a pre-drawn design). I will sometimes allow payment via Venmo, usually I ask that we discuss that prior to your appointment!

What are your policies for appointments?
  • So I have a program that sends out a confirmation email/text two days before your appointment, and one day before your appointment I will send you the link to these policies. If you’re getting a custom piece, I do also send the design the night before. Be advised that this is not a common occurrence with tattoo artists, I personally choose to send the design beforehand, and I do demand that you don't send the design to everyone you know to get their opinions. This is your tattoo and I only care about your opinion on the design and will only allow a few changes anyway since it’s expected you trust me by choosing me as your artist and you have already described what you’re wanting.

  • if you have not been tattooed by me at this shop or since I moved stations at it, please dm me on my instagram to let me know you’re in the lobby so I can escort you to my station! I typically open the door around 8:45.

  • if you are 15 minutes late or more without any notice, you automatically forfeit your appointment and your deposit, and will need to place another deposit in order to reschedule.

  • NO, I do not allow the use of numbing cream. If you’re struggling, I can use Bactine during the tattoo, but I will NOT allow numbing creams to be used. I can likely guarantee I will be able to tell if you choose to not disclose that you put some on before arriving to your appointment, as it messes with your skin and messes with my ability to tattoo it. So if that is the case for you, I will stop the tattoo and you will be required to reschedule at my earliest date (probably around 3-5 months out) and also put down another deposit. Always always ask your artist about this, as most of us do not allow them, and with reason.

  • please do not bring guests to your appointment. They serve as a distraction for both you, and myself, and I operate out a pretty small area that does not have much extra room for guests. Plus appointments are typically 3-5 hours.

  • reschedules. My policy for reschedules allows for one non-emergency reschedule before you are required to put down another deposit. I typically book 3-6 months out, so I expect my time to be respected, as well as the time of others who have been waiting to get in with me. Because I send out the confirmation email/text two days before your appointment, two days/48 hours is my reschedule timeframe without being required to place another deposit. Be advised that this does not apply to emergency situations, this is more for people who do not confirm either way for their appointment during the asked timeframe for a non-emergency reason.

Can I join your waitlist? Currently I do not offer a waitlist. I will always post available days due to reschedules or cancellations on my instagram stories, or if I have a bunch to fill I will email my sub list with the dates